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"What's Holding YOU Back
From The Writing Career Of Your Dreams?
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AND Have More Fun Writing... It's Easier Than You Can Imagine!"

Many writers feel guilty, stressed, and desperate when the words won't come...

For many writers, writing is HARD. It's a form of torture.

Beginning writers just give up their dream of writing. They're convinced that a writing career is impossible for them, because they find writing difficult, and they think that this means that they can't develop a great career as a writer...

Established writers get so stressed they suffer burnout, or lose great writing gigs because they're top-class procrastinators...

Some writers have a real productivity problem. It takes them weeks to write an article, and years to complete a book.

Writing can be so challenging for otherwise competent writers that just give up writing.

They've never learned the secrets of making writing fun and easy for themselves.

Indeed, they may even think that writing is supposed to be HARD. It's not.

Read on, and discover the truth.
WHY can't writing be fun and easy?
There are two basic reasons: firstly, no one's ever told suffering writers that writing could and should be fun, and secondly, these writers lack processes which can make this happen.

Who said writing has to be hard?

Lots of people, primarily writers with a gift for self-dramatization. :-)

Here are some examples:

Count Leo Tolstoy wrote: "One ought only to write when one leaves a piece of one's own flesh in the inkpot, each time one dips one's pen."

Samuel Johnson wrote: "A man will turn over half a library to make one book."

Red Smith (sportswriter) wrote: "There's nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and open a vein."

Uh-huh. Since all three writers were prolific however, we can assume that they were mostly enjoying their writing, and just liked to complain. (if you're successful, no one wants to hear that it's EASY for you... much better to make it sound as if you're really suffering.:-))

Thousands of less gifted writers have complained about how hard writing is, just in case people discover that they're having a mile of fun when they should be suffering for their art.

Can you really have FUN writing, and write well?

Yes you can. Writing should be both fun and easy for you. You should write as easily as you do everything else in your life -- drive a car, cook a meal, or __________ (fill in the blank with something you can do effortlessly.)

You can discover how, in the next couple of minutes, so please pay attention now.

Writing hasn't always been easy for me. I've had all the struggles with writing you're going through. In 30 years of writing, I've gone through many, many dramas.

I was often completely blocked, and wanted to give up writing. Yes, I felt that writing was hard, too.

I wanted to write more, and to enjoy writing. I wanted to be PROLIFIC. But I usually procrastinated, especially when I had deadlines.

Finally, after a lot of struggling with writing (it took around ten years) I decided that I would learn all the techniques necessary to become truly prolific. I studied creativity, how the brain functions, mind states, relaxation, and much more.

I experimented on myself, and when I found something that worked, I shared it with my students. If the process worked for them, I refined it, and made it part of my repertoire of writing tips, tricks and strategies.

I've been sharing these strategies in an ebook, "Top 70 Writing Tips To Help You To Write More" since 2006, and they've helped many writers. They work so well, that the ebook is one of the first things I send to my private coaching students, along with exercises I created to help them to put the strategies into practice.

The exercises weren't part of the original ebook, and they've been so useful that I've revised the original material, to include the exercises as well.
NEW: Introducing Angela Booth's Top 70 Writing Tips: Write More, Improve Your Writing, AND Make More Money
In this second edition of the 2006 publication, Angela Booth's Top 70 Writing Tips: Write More, Improve Your Writing, AND Make More Money, I've expanded the original, including writing exercises. There's an exercise for each tip.

You'll discover:
How to let your subconscious mind do the work of writing for you -- tips which ensure that whatever you're writing, whether it's a short story, a novel, or anything else -- you sit down, and have words flow from your fingertips, without even thinking about it. You can get into the "flow" of writing easily, so that you write FAST and well;
Ten ways to structure your writing -- you can use these forms to write anything you choose, including articles, short stories, novels, blog posts...;
Five ways to turn off your inner editor -- and three ways to bring him back when you need him;
How to develop your imagination: see it, and believe it, so that you can achieve any goal you care to set. Discover how to change your self image as a writer -- so you can become the writer that you really are;
How to get inspired on demand. Discover how to to get outstanding ideas, also on demand, anytime you choose -- this is a wonderful skill to break through any and every writing block;
Sixteen professional writers' secrets to help you to write more;
Three ways to deal with critics, inner and outer, AND how to handle all the real life stresses that get in the way of your ability to write;
Ways to set writing goals that are fun and achievable for you -- and more ways to scale up your goals so that you can achieve your dreams as a writer;
How to write truthfully and write more -- an easy way to turn off your inner censor. You'll discover how to use the "feedback loop" for enhanced creativity, and develop your ability to be creative on demand -- an amazingly easy and fun skill you'll learn and enjoy;
Six ways to get your writing unstuck, and four ways to write when you have NO TIME to write;
How to get comfortable outside your comfort zone -- now you can confidently take on any writing jobs and tasks you choose, and you'll be able to handle rejections, so that they inspire you -- you'll realize that "rejection" really doesn't exist;
Exercises -- each writing tip gives you an exercise, so that you can put the tip into practice IMMEDIATELY. These writing tips will become part of your life -- and will change your life.
Writers' feedback from "Angela Booth's Top 70 Writing Tips: Write More, Improve Your Writing, AND Make More Money"
I've been sharing these tips and exercises with writing students, and here's a sample of what they've said:
Pam W. (London, UK): "I started writing in 1999, and have published two books. To be honest, I've quit writing several times. Writing has never been easy for me. Then a few months ago I lost my day job, because the company went bankrupt. No luck in finding anything else; so I started writing again. Angela, your coaching gave me hope that this time it would be different. The first thing you sent me was 70 Tips, and I know you must be sick of hearing this, but they work! I'm working full-time (from home) for two companies now, both marketing jobs, which involve a lot of writing... and it's fun for me now. Thank you so much, you'll never know how much I appreciate your help and support."
George Zizic (Hong Kong): "Angela, you know the problems I've had with my novel... I was stuck. I thought that three years of my life were wasted, because I was stuck. I was close to deleting everything off my hard drive. You said 'try this' and then 'do that', and send me the 70 Tips material for encouragement. I've finished the book, sent out queries, and as you advised, I'm outlining the next book in the series. I don't know whether the books will sell, but I do know that I can WRITE. As you said, it's just a matter of process."
David J. (New York, USA) "I never considered myself a writer, Angela but I was determined to get my online business off the ground, and you helped me with the site content, creating press releases and writing autoresponder series. I wrote everything just following the 70 Tips you sent, and like you said, it's fun. We're making sales every day, so thank you. I owe you a lot."

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